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Ideas and help with religious articles

There are a great many publications that will publish religious articles of various types. Before you submit an article though, you need to read the guidelines very carefully if your article is to have a chance of being published. Some publications are for teens, others for young adults and naturally there are magazines for older adults.


A list of some magazines that publish Christian religious articles

The magazines listed above are just a small sample of the ones that publish Christian religious articles.


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  • Christianity Today magazine publishes practical articles that seek to provide help to church leaders who face problems in their work. The articles are in the ‘How to’ genre. Mainly they are written in the first person as they are about a writer’s own experiences in the ministry.
  • GROUP magazine concentrates on youth ministry strategies and ideas. It also publishes articles on spiritual growth and important issues pertaining to working with young people.
  • SEEK Magazine is for school-age children who attend junior and senior high schools. This magazine will publish poetry and art from teenagers. This magazine is in full colour, published weekly and is distributed through Christian bookstores and churches.
  • Columbia (Knights of Columbus) magazine is primarily of interest to Catholics. Articles are published on a variety of topics, including health and nutrition, social trends, parenting and current events, among others.
  • Connect magazine is for adults who work with young people. The editors want clear concise writing and well-balanced articles that interpret and explain both theological and academic thought. Also, ‘How to’ articles are required.
  • Guide magazine is for young teenagers aged between 10 and 14 years old. It’s a weekly publication and seeks true stories, Three or four are published each week.
  • Liguorian magazine is another Catholic magazine. It’s published in print and electronically. It publishes articles of less than 2,200 words and personal essays which do not exceed 1,000 words. It also publishes fiction with a 2000-word limit.
  • Charisma and Christian Life magazine is all about what it calls ‘spirit-led living.’ It has been publishing for more than forty years.

All the magazines listed above pay authors for their work.

If you have a good knowledge of the major world religions, you might want to write an article comparing two or more religions. Many readers like to try to understand how people who adhere to a different faith think.

If you write an article comparing Christian teachings and those of Islam, your readers may be surprised at how similar they are. Often readers forget (or didn’t know) that the Old Testament and the Koran are very similar with the same patriarchs and prophets. The main difference between Islam and Christianity is that those who follow Islam believe that Christ was a prophet and a great teacher. Christians, on the other hand, maintain that Christ is the son of God.

There is the Journal, ‘Studies in Comparative Religion’ which accepts articles on Comparative religion, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and also, in the past, it has published articles on Oceanic tribal religions, the religions of indigenous Americans, Hinduism, Celtic religions and Far Eastern religions, among others.

Whatever your interests in comparative religion are, you could try pitching the editors of this journal.

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